Two Smiths


“Stitch” is a multi-component sculpture that represents folds of fabric being pierced by a needle pulling thread. The undulating fabric is composed of COR-TEN - a material that will form a special protective layer of rust. The sheen of the oversized stainless steel needle complements this weathered look, jutting through multiple layers of fabric. The thread that it pulls culminates at the far end, branching out into a network of individual strands. From one end to the next, Stitch represents industry through time: the technological future of Waterloo Region, while referencing the history of its textile and manufacturing industry.

After the installation of “Stitch”, a community forging event was held on the site. Using hammers and fire, community members forged oversized needles, which were then embedded into concrete, becoming a permanent part of the sculpture. The concrete wall encloses a flower bed that is in the shape of Waterloo Region.