Two Smiths

Veterans Affairs Canada

 Two Smiths, in conjunction with Veterans Affairs Canada held an event September 28/ 29th, 2018 at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, NB. School groups, the general public and Canadian Veterans were all invited to participate in this collaborative piece. The main structural parts of the sculpture were heated in a coal forge set up on the terrance and participants used hammers to shape the hot metal.

The project is still soliciting participation from Veterans of all ages to design a series of medallions that will be mounted to the surface of the forged bars.

Veteran Participation It was Afghanistan war veteran Bram Porter’s idea to use cast coins or medallions made from bronze, citing the fact that we often refer to the cost of war when, from the veteran’s perspective, we should also be considering the price that soldiers pay to serve their countries. We’re asking Veterans to contribute images, symbols, phrases, sentences or ideas about the human cost of war. For those of you who are interested in participating please contact Sandra Dunn: 519.571.9538