Two Smiths

introductory knife making with jeff helmes

105 | damascus knife COURSE with jeff helmes

This four day - 34 hour intensive course will teach you how to forge weld a damascus steel billet and then forge that into a knife blade.  After sanding and filing it to a finished shape you will learn how to heat treat the blade.  The blades will then be polished and etched.  After that you’ll make and fit a handle for your knife.

As can be seen on his facebook page (Jeff Helmes Bladesmith), Jeff’s extensive knowledge of bladesmithing consists also of inlay, carved bone and antler, leather work, chasing and repoussé, filigree and vacuum casting.  As the course progresses Jeff will talk about these techniques and show images of commissions he has worked on over the past several years including his most recent work for the Royal Ontario Museum.

COST: $1500.00 + HST

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