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Copper Flowers

 107 | copper WILD flowers


This introductory workshop focuses on creating natural plant forms using a variety of copper forming and joinery techniques: fold forming, forging, hollowing, raising, fullering, veining, soldering, drilling and tapping.

 Everyone will be led through a series of exercises to create petals, stems, stamens and leaves.   We’ll examine a variety of plant forms, and growth patterns and look at the transitions between each of the parts. All of the individual pieces will then be assembled into flowers that have a convincingly natural appearance.

 Participants will also learn how a two-dimensional pattern in a flat, rigid sheet copper can be stretched, pulled and gathered up to transform into three dimensional organic forms.

 This is weekend course. Class runs from 9am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

No previous metalworking experience is necessary.

COST: $380

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