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Introduction to bronze casting WIth stewart smith

104 | Introduction to bronze casting WIth stewart smith

This course introduces individuals to the process of making patterns and preparing molds for sand casting bronze.  Metal casting in sand is a technique still current in industry throughout the world. Stewart will teach participants how to make molds and develop methods of get molten metal into the cavity. Create small scale, pure bronze artifacts such as brooches, pendants, belt buckles, small plaques, figurines or other small objects. You will also work with polymer clay to make basic foundry patterns that will be cast in bronze. There are endless challenges in sand casting; instruction will allow you to experiment, on a small scale, with the possibilities of the medium. The basics of metal finishing will also be covered, to put a pleasing highlight on your work.

COST: $380 + HST + eventbrite registration fee ($20.22)


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